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Helpful Tips / Massage

  • Arrive 5 -10 minutes early for your first massage

  • Fill out your health history with care; it will help me treat you safely

  • I need a complete, current list of all medications and vitamins you're taking

  • Avoid smoking and large meals for 1 hr before & after

  • Avoid wearing scents

  • Please communicate with me about the pressure you prefer

  • Drink plenty of water before & after your massage

  • Have a nice relaxing bath post treatment.

What to Expect on Your First Visit?


When you arrive for your first treatment I will greet you in the lobby with a health history form for you to complete (I can email it to you, to save us time.) Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your 1st appointment to complete the forms. I will need a complete list of all medications and vitamins you're on.


I’ll walk with you into my office / treatment room where we will sit down and go over your health history together.  I need to know things like; what in particular has brought you in to see me today? how do you feel in your body? what medications are you on?


I'll also perform a quick assessment (which could include an orthopedic test or my palpating the area over your clothes) allowing me pin point your specific areas of concern. Helping me create a safe &effective treatment plan, customized to your individual needs and concerns. I will only be working on the areas which we discuss.


You can expect a warm & relaxing treatment room environment which will have calming music playing during your massage. The table is super comfortable, with a warm heating pad beneath the bottom sheet /on top of the table (which of course you can ask me to adjust the temperature on, at any time).


I’ll leave the room to allow you to get undressed and on the table in private. Some people prefer to completely disrobe, however most leave on their bottom underwear. Generally I start off your massage working on your back. You will be on the table, between the two sheets, laying on your tummy (“prone”).


Please cover yourself completely with the top sheet and blanket.


There will be two pillows on the table, one for your shins /knees &the other for your ribcage /tummy areas.  While you’re getting on the table, I’ll be washing my hands. I will knock on the door to confirm you’re ready, before I re-enter the room.


During your treatment you’ll always be professionally draped between the two sheets; I will only uncover the parts of the body which I am actually working on at the time, ensuring your privacy and modesty are respected.


I’ll “check in” with you from time to time, asking about whether the pressure needs to be adjusted during your massage, please communicate with me about it. You won’t hurt my feelings; I'd rather get it right and have you comfortable. I'm not her to hurt you! let me know if you want a little more or less pressure – after all, it is your massage!  I’m only as good as the feedback I receive.


I am generally a very quiet working therapist. My focus and specialty is relaxational massage. I have a "secret talent" for putting my clients to sleep! (lol!)


Once your massage is complete, I’ll leave the room to wash my hands, allowing you to redress in privacy. When getting off the table, please come up to a sitting position &take a few nice deep breaths. If you’re dizzy or lightheaded upon standing, please sit back down! There's no rush.


When you're ready, come out to the reception desk, where I will be sitting, ready to discuss the treatment and share any feedback (such as specific stretches) for your home care. This will help you to maintain the results of your massage.  


Then, we will settle up the payment. I'll provide you with a receipt (which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement). I can also assist you in booking your next appointment.


After your visit, please drink a lot of water and have a nice relaxing bath when you get home (or put a heating pad on the specific areas which I worked on). 


You may be a little stiff and sore post treatment and into the next day, however it shouldn’t be worse than feeling like you went to the gym.


I look forward to meeting you soon!

Yours in health,


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