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Mission Statement

I am; a very quiet working therapist. I'm driven by my passion and dedication to deliver; exceptional quality, extremely relaxing, deep tissue, therapeutic, Swedish Massage Therapy time & again. 


I help my clients achieve a powerful sense of self-healing, within a very relaxational experience.  Whether you’re dealing w/everyday stress & strain, an ongoing chronic issue or simply maintaining your current state of health and well being.

I place emphasis on; healing (the whole person; body, mind &spirit), nurturing relaxation, restoration and Reiki (pron.; “Ray-key”) energy balancing. 


I take the time to understand your personal goals and priorities for each treatment, which helps me help you achieve your goals; reducing stress, lessening your anxiety and aiding you in living your most healthy and pain free life possible.  I tailor build a massage to best suit your personal needs. 


I believe in the healing power of touch, long hot Epson salt baths, drinking plenty of water.  I believe that my product is of good value and that I should make a profit; the client is always right.

I am building Momentum Massage and Wellness to be a place of business where; I have peace of mind, I enjoy being in a state of happy, calm, centered,  peacefulness.  I get a lot of fulfillment out of my job.  I aim to create ongoing growth through building solid, ongoing client relationships and building my referral network.

I believe in divine intervention, synchronicity and miracles in everyday life!

I always strive to buy; local, “green”, organic products wherever possible.


 “Alone we can do little.  Together we can do so much!”  (Helen Keller)

"Achievement is talent plus preparation" (Malcolm Gladwell)

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