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Marni MacDonald, RMT

Delivers a very relaxational massage, into which she incorporates; depth of pressure, therapeutic massage techniques and stretching, working on specific areas / issues as needed to aid in the healing processes. Increasing your feelings of wellness and relaxation.


Her office is friendly, professional and welcoming. Marni's unique treatments have aided her patients in finding that sometimes elusive full nights sleep. The entire session is completely focused on you, providing hands on care. She works; days, morning / afternoon and late / evening appointments available.

She has had strong success working with clients who are dealing with; concussion / minor brain trauma injury, anxiety, stress and stress related conditions, headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia and conditions that involve muscle pain. (Complete list of conditions massage improves, and the benefits of massage, please click here


Marni is certified member of both the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (, and the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (


She has completed her 3rd degree in Reiki (pron.; "Ray key"); a Japanese technique. It is an awareness that unseen energy flows through all living things &directly affects the quality of a person’s health, it has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. 

She has also taken a Positional Release Course, which is great for clients who are not able to handle too much pressure, achieve similar results (whiplash, acute pain and Fibromyalgia type injuries). 

She has completed the Dr. Vodder, Basic MLD Course (as of 5/Apr/19), and is certified to work on the entire body, with clients who have a fully functioning / intact lymph vessel system. It is a very gentle yet effective, calming, low pressure sequence of techniques which can be employed anywhere on the whole body.

Yes, Marni is happily accepting new clients!!  Please visit the Contact page.


She attended massage school at; D'arcy Lane Institute, graduating in 2013, passing her board exams shortly thereafter. The RMT program is an intensive two years, 2200 hours of classroom study, including; Physiology, Anatomy, Business, Theory and Technique, Human Relations, Hydrotherapy, Public Health, Nutrition, Treatments, Kinesiology, Remedial Exercises, Pathology and Clinic Hours.

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